Housing Selection

Home is not just a place — it’s a feeling. Finding a living space where you feel comfortable enhances the college experience. Shared experiences in college create connections that last a lifetime. Living on campus puts everything you need to be a productive student at your doorstep. So, sleep a little longer, grab some breakfast in the morning and relax. Your classes are just a short walk away.


1. Roommates/Suitemates

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Roommate Information:

You Pick, You Pair.  All roommate matching is completed using My College Roomie.

  • Students making a housing selection must have enough roommates to fill the desired room/apartment.
  • If a resident does not have a matched roommate at selection time, students may select space from designated available options.

Suitemates Information:

  • Suitemates should not be designated as roommates in My College Roomie but may be pulled into a suite at the time of selection.
  • If a group pulls any students into a suite beyond their roommate, these students will not be able to get on the apartment waiting list.
  • Retaining residents who want to pull in suitemates should bring their suitemates (or proxy) to Pat Case Dining area on Thursday, March 5 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.


2. Complete a Housing Agreement

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Between Feb 14 and Feb 28, current students who need housing for the upcoming summer and/or academic year will need to complete a housing agreement.

Two types of housing agreements:

  1. Fall/Spring agreement 2020-2021: This agreement option allows a student to retain their current assignment (if available) or select any available housing assignment for the entire academic year. If you plan to select a different assignment see the selection timeline.  There are many campus housing options to consider, a variety of types in both the residence halls and apartments. Please note that these are the areas that offer housing during winter break: Apartments, Hardesty Hall, LaFortune House, and Fisher West Suites.
  2. Summer apartment agreement 2020: This agreement option is available for all students who need summer living or summer storage (storage option is available for students who currently reside in an apartment.)

NOTE: Will you be taking summer school and need residence hall housing? Summer school housing agreement will be available April 1, 2020

Sorority and Sigma Nu

Students who plan to live in a sorority or Sigma Nu housing for 2020-2021 should first complete a housing agreement. The house leadership will make assignments and submit a roster to the Housing office. Houses are only open for sorority/Sigma Nu residents during the fall and spring semesters (closed during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks).

Living-Learning Communities

Interested in a Living-Learning Community for 2020-2021?  By selecting one of these LLCs on your housing agreement, you will receive priority selection on Thursday, March 5th from 9 am to 2 pm.

Housing Selection Information Meeting:

February 18th and 25th: Pat Case Garage, noon to 1 p.m.
February 19th and 26th: Student Union — Food Court, noon to 1 p.m.

Complete a Housing Agreement

3. Select and commit to your housing assignment

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Two options for selecting your housing assignment.

  1. Retain your current space for each license period (Summer and Academic) by February 28. (If you retain your space, you will not receive a selection time.)
  2. Complete a housing license for the Summer and/or Academic year by February 28 to select your housing assignment between March 7-12th.

Can’t attend your selection time? Your matched roommate will automatically be able to serve as a PROXY for you. A proxy is a person who can make your housing selection for you. If you don’t have a roommate, you can name another person as your proxy by filling out the proxy form. Let a housing staff member know if you are unable to find a proxy.

Starting March 5th, click here for REAL TIME housing availability.