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Easy Renter’s Insurance Enrollment Option

The University highly recommends RENTER’S INSURANCE to protect your belongings. The University has partnered with GradGuard to include an option to enroll in affordable renter’s insurance as part of the Housing Agreement this year. This is a simple and easy way to help you get insured with no long term commitment. Please note that GradGuard is just an option, and renter’s insurance is not required. You may want to review your coverage under your parents’ homeowner’s insurance, or compare rates with other companies.

Priority Parking

Students who retain their current assignment or are a mutually confirmed roommate with a retainer may complete their parking registration starting March 4, 2020 at 9:00am. Students may register for parking immediately after a housing selection is made.

Applying for a postgraduate program?

If you apply to a postgraduate program at TU and do not know if you were accepted by the time of the selection, you can still participate in housing selection! If you are not admitted, you can cancel your Housing License with no liquidated damages or loss of deposit.

Living off-campus now?

Receive a $300 housing credit to reimburse any lease penalty incurred by moving to campus. The lease must be with a non-TU related entity and of no relation to the applicant. A copy of the lease and proof of penalty payment must be presented for reimbursement. TU offers reimbursement up to $30 of utility transfer fees for current students moving back to campus. Present a copy of your utility bill with a service fee for reimbursement.