TU Treks: Outdoors & Well-being

TU Treks: Outdoors & Well-being living-learning community, hosted at Lafortune House, is an extension of the campus organization and Housing sponsored group that offers TU students opportunities to go outdoors & live well, balance good stewardship of the environment, and create spaces for discussion around the intersectionality of academics and the personal lived experience. Whether you are new to the outdoors or you want to develop your skills, this community will stimulate and challenge you to develop lifelong leadership qualities in combination with environmental ethics, personal well-being, and outdoor skills. Students in this LLC will embark on compelling and interesting experiences that are a catalyst for personal growth, foster inter-personal development, facilitate group relationship building, and create a culture for a robust academic inquiry by empowering personal habits to achieve a more sustainable future.

Activity highlights include rock climbing, hiking, biking, challenge courses, healthy cooking with local foods, a field trip to a local farm, gardening, restoring watersheds, and visiting recycling facilities. Come explore the great outdoors with friends from your living community and develop as a more conscientious and inquisitive person.

University Apartments: As well-being and sustainability are long-term life skills, an LLC in the apartments will be formed in 2021-2022 to bridge apartment residents with this topic. With these two living contexts, students from multiple years at TU will cultivate better personal health and how to address global issues during their entire time at TU.

Faculty or Staff Advisor: Dr. Dare Chronister, Director of Student Activities, and Dr. Kirsten Robertson, Crisis and Outreach Coordinator

TYPROS Crew: Sustainability – Joel Garza joelgarza013@gmail.com and Urbanist – Ben Stephens bstephens886@gmail.com