TU Treks

This organization is designed to give TU students an opportunity to get off campus and Get Outdoors!  We focus on helping students appreciate and explore the outdoors around the Tulsa area as well as around the nation!

What we do

TU Treks is designed to create an accessible outdoor experience for all students. Basically, we’re trying to help y’all get outside. But we do some indoor stuff too! Laser tag, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking- and if you have an idea for a trip, let us know!

For our annual Spring Break trip we traveled to Asheville, North Carolina, Sevierville, Tennessee, and Nashville, Tennessee. We hiked part of the Appalachian trail, ate at some incredible local restaurants, took waterfall hikes, took a foraging class, and even did a zipline tour through the forest!


TU Treks has grown our collection of equipment this past year, but we are still accumulating various types including, tents, stoves, ropes, sleeping bags, packs, harnesses, etc. We still ask students to bring equipment if they possess it. But don’t let that worry you though, because if you don’t have your own equipment…we’ll find some for you.

Trip Costs

Many of our activities are free, however, some do require a fee. All trip costs vary and include such things as expenses for food, gas, tolls, and equipment rental. Trips which tend to be more technically challenging, require more equipment or are multi-day, tend to cost more. The program will often subsidize the cost of many of these trips in order to lower the overall cost to the participants.

To become a part of our unique organization, email us TU Treks advisor and join our facebook group.