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Apartment Life

volleyball at Lorton Village

Apartment living at TU provides the opportunity for independent living in a community of your peers and friends, along with all the support and convenience of living on campus.

Most people will tell you that living on campus is all about convenience and location, and that is true, but we think it is about living the college life. Living on campus will give you an experience that cannot be duplicated later in life.

Brown Village96
Lorton Village66
Mayo Village210
Norman Village150
University Square216
West Park Village20
  • What To Bring

    We recommend the following items for your apartment.

    Furniture of your Choice: Though your apartment comes equipped with all major kitchen appliances, you will need to provide all the living/dining and bedroom furniture.

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Cleaning supplies

    Entertainment Equipment: Please bring all the electronic gadgets and equipment you desire, but keep in mind you have neighbors. We expect all residents to comply with quiet hours and be courteous to one another at all times.


    Shower Curtain: You will be held accountable for any water damage.

    3M Command Adhesive: Please note, whatever you use on your walls, you will be responsible for their condition when you check out.

  • What NOT to Bring

    It is important to note for safety and community standards please leave the following items at home. Having any of these items will put your housing status in jeopardy.

    • All grills
    • All candles
    • All pets except fish in a 20-gallon tank (max)*
    • Flammable materials
    • Any weapons (including soft pellet, Nerf or any other toy guns)

    *West Park residents may apply to have a pet. The application MUST be approved before the pet is allowed.

  • Electric Account Information (AEP/PSO)

    University Apartment residents maintain an electric account number for the entire occupancy period they are assigned to an apartment, both during living and storage periods. Please contact AEP/PSO to establish an electric account. If you have a roommate, only one of you will need to set up this account. If your roommate has the account in their name and they move out, you must establish an active account upon his/her departure.

    To set up an account, please contact: AEP/PSO (Public Service Company of Oklahoma) or 888-216-3523