Mayo Village - The University of Tulsa

Mayo Village

several students in the pool of the Mayo Student Activities Center smile for the camera

This active community, located on the Southwest corner of campus, looks out on the expansive Chapman Commons and Geneva King Rogers Fountain to the east and on the athletic fields and Tulsa skyline to the west. This community has 120 two-bedroom apartments and 90 one-bedroom apartments. Click to see the Floor Plans

  • Expansive living space including a bay of windows
  • Well-appointed kitchens (microwave, oven, dishwasher, and garbage disposal)
  • Wired and wireless Internet
  • Large Walk-in closets
  • Ample parking (Don’t forget to get your parking permit)
  • Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer provided in each apartment
  • Cable Ready
  • Reliable Cell Reception
  • Central mailboxes

Campus Housing Outdoor Pools 
The residents of Mayo Village are welcome to use the pools located at Norman, US West, and Mayo Village. Make sure you bring your TU ID card to gain access to the pools.

All rates are based on dates stipulated in the campus housing agreement. Those approved to arrive earlier than or stay after published dates will be charged prorated rates on a daily basis. Occupancy cannot exceed the number of bedrooms which is one person per bedroom. Residents are responsible for the electric bill with PSO. Rates are per person per semester.

TypeCost per semester
One Bedroom – One Occupant$5,431
Two Bedroom – One Occupant$7,573
Two Bedroom – Two Occupants (each resident)$3,787

Watch for The Hurricane Warning each week for more details about Campus Living events and university programming.

Mail Service
The resident’s mailboxes are located in the Mayo Village community. Packages are delivered directly to your apartment by the shipping carrier.

BuildingMailing Address
30002806 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
31002814 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
32002818 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
33002822 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
34002838 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
35002846 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
36002850 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
37002854 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104
38002858 E. 8th St., Apt #, Tulsa, OK, 74104