Summer Living/Storage - The University of Tulsa

Summer Living/Storage

Residents who need summer housing should consider the benefits of both options.

Apartment Summer Living

  • Summer apartments are available for students that have been living in apartments or will be continuing in an apartment in the fall. Residence Hall students must choose the Summer School residence hall for summer living.
  • Students living alone in a multi-bedroom apartment will be charged the summer one-bedroom rate, no matter if second/third bedroom is storage or vacant.
  • Students don’t need to be enrolled in summer courses to select this option.

Apartment Summer Storage

  • This is a great option for students to retain their space and not worry about packing their belongings, moving furniture and figuring out where to store possessions for the summer.
  • Students can have same-day access their unit three times during the summer term to grab an item they left behind.
  • Students can only store in their Fall apartment, and a Fall assignment is required to participate in summer apartment storage. All switching must be complete before leaving for the summer.
  • Summer storage rates are available on the housing website.

Residence Hall Summer Living

  • This is a great option for students to have the flexibility to attend Summer 1 or Summer 2 classes. Billed on a weekly basis.
  • Summer Residence Hall rates are available on the housing website.