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Hardware Requirements

The Office of Information Technology at The University of Tulsa has partnered with Apple, Dell and Microsoft to provide students, faculty and staff with affordable hardware/software options for use during their time at TU.

Hardware Requirements

Computer Standardization Policy

Please view the computer standardization policy if you’re purchasing hardware for use by TU employees for their position.

University computers are standardized with limited exceptions. A primary setup allows for one (1) desktop computer with (1) external monitor or one (1) laptop with (1) docking station and (1) external monitor, as necessary.

We strongly encourage the laptop option to ensure consistent experience in occasional remote working environments.

Accessory items (keyboards, mouse, speakers, webcams, etc.) are at the discretion of the department.

View the standard hardware configurations for employees


TU students, faculty and staff are eligible for discounts on Apple products.

When making a personal purchase of Apple devices and accessories, be sure to use TU’s online Apple store to receive education discounts and promotions.


Students and full-time faculty and staff of the University of Tulsa are eligible to take advantage of discounted pricing for personal purchases currently offered by Dell.

View more information about the Dell Member Purchase Program


Office 365

The University of Tulsa maintains an agreement with Microsoft providing software licensing for full-time faculty, staff, and students.

For access to Microsoft Office software, please log into the Universities Office 365 site.

For installation on university-owned machines, contact help@utulsa.edu or your college system administrator for more information.

Microsoft Store (Woodland Hills)

Students and educators can save up to 10% at the Microsoft Store in Woodland Hills Mall. Discount available to higher education students, faculty, and parents.