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IT Security

The University of Tulsa IT Security Department’s mission is to maintain a safe and secure digital environment for the campus community.

We are dedicated to:

  • PROTECT by preventing and managing cyber attacks
  • EDUCATE by providing training and support to manage cyber risks
  • LEAD a secure and sustainable culture of cyber awareness

If you receive suspicious communications or otherwise believe your account/computer may have been compromised, please submit an incident report to IT Security.


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IT Security Blog

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Safely working from home

Maintaining a secure working environment at home can be challenging, but with a few simple steps, you can make sure that you are staying safe while working at home. 5 tips to stay safe while working at home Be careful! Attackers may call you, email, you show up at your door looking to trick you […]

corona virus phishing scams

Beware Corona Virus Scams

Hope And Fear. These are the feelings that phishing campaigns prey upon to trick people into giving up information, money, or access.

Tax Scam graphic

Tax Scams 2020

As if deductions, exemptions and return distribution wasn’t enough, tax season becomes open season for cybercriminals hunting for sensitive information, credentials and even a direct deposit of your tax returns.

kids on ipads

Teach Your Kids to #BeCyberSmart and Own Their Cyber Safety

By next year, there will be over 31 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This means even more devices that connect to Wi-Fi and consequently more serious security and safety threats.


Cash App Twitter Giveaway used for scams

Scammers looking to take advantage of the #CashAppFriday trending topic on Twitter are stealing between $10 to $1,000 from each victim that falls for their efforts. Read the full article on Threat Post

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