IT Security - The University of Tulsa

IT Security

TU IT Security proactively monitors the University’s network to identify potential security threats and quickly respond to security issues. We offer a variety of services, information, and tools to educate the University community about information security, and account, device and system protection. We are responsible for helping ensure the University’s computing environment is protected from cyberthreats such as viruses, Trojan horses, hackers, and other security threats.

To meet this goal, we have helped the University establish security policies that provide guidance on protecting computers as well as sensitive information from security threats. In addition, we assist University administration with adhering to state and federal regulations regarding technology.

Our mission is to maintain a safe and secure digital environment for the campus community. We are dedicated to PROTECT by preventing and managing cyber attacks, EDUCATE by providing training and support to manage cyber risks, and LEAD a secure and sustainable culture of cyber awareness.

Report an incident

If you receive suspicious communications or otherwise believe your account or computer may have been compromised, submit an incident report to IT Security.