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University Initiatives

The University of Tulsa embraces a roadmap featuring resilience, responsiveness, sustainability and continuous improvement. As such, iterative transformation is underway alongside a refreshed culture of embracing change. We welcome all to follow along on our journey.

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Network Core Upgrade

Purpose: To improve network stability, speeds, and security.

The new Aruba network core features an all new design to provide improved resilience by way of active-active paths to every building and isolated fault domains. Network speeds get a major boost with double the bandwidth possible to each building connecting to a 100 Gbps mesh between core routers. Network security is enhanced by improving the isolation between various networks. All this together paves the way to take full advantage of speeds offered by the new Wi-Fi 6 network deployed last year.

Initiated: July 2020
Status: Estimated completion pushed to Summer 2021 for minimal disruption

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Security by Design Focus

Purpose: Implement Security by Design for systems, network resources, policies, and procedures to protect the safety and privacy of student, faculty and staff information.

Develop processes, procedures and policies required for the protection of confidential information. Identify risks to the security of information and systems and mitigate to acceptable levels to the campus community. Define security requirements and measure compliance based on applicable laws, regulations and best practice. Ensure incident response plans are developed and implemented. Increase campus awareness of IT Security through training and communication.

Initiated: Spring 2021
Status: Estimated completion Fall 2022

elucian colleague erp

Colleague Modernization

Purpose: Invest and improve upon our current enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Ellucian Colleague, to ensure best-practice use and improved efficiency and effectiveness in our administrative and academic operations.

Currently In Progress: Workflow, GL Restructure, Project Accounting for Research

Initiated: Fall 2020/Spring 2021
Status: Estimated completion 2022

ACTIVE: Network Switching Upgrade

 wifi 6 upgrade logo


To improve technology connectivity, empower faster speeds and increase campus stability.

The switching component connects the core network with the WiFi6 access points deployed in fall semester 2020. This is the third and final network upgrade facilitating stronger connectivity. Once completed, the cycle will repeat in a sustainable way; making sure the network/infrastructure does not reach a status of disrepair.

Initiated: Early start! March 2021
Status: Expected completion Summer 2021
Additional Information: Coming soon! University School already ‘live’ on new core.

ACTIVE: Network Wi-Fi Upgrade

 wifi 6 upgrade logo


To improve/expand wireless coverage across campus, provide faster speeds and better connectivity between devices.

TU is the first WiFi6 enabled campus in Oklahoma, with new-to-TU coverage of outdoor spaces. At the end of the deployment we will have 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 available across the entire campus, including outdoor spaces.

Residential, main campus academic and administrative buildings, Little Blue House, outdoor spaces and parking lots completed. In progress or soon-to-start locations are North Campus, Lorton PAC.

More information about the technology, watch this video.

View a campus map showing our progress

Initiated: July 2020
Status: Estimated Completion Summer 2021
Additional Information: View additional details

ACTIVE: PeopleAdmin – Talent Management

 people admin app


Utilize a technology platform to manage employee recruitment, position management, and staff performance management for employees across campus.

PeopleAdmin will integrate with our Ellucian Colleague system to contain up-to-date employee and position data. The goals of the system are to provide comprehensive, electronic access to relevant applicant, position, and performance data, and to deliver a positive user experience within the recruitment and evaluation processes.

Initiated: September 2020
Status: Estimated completion Summer 2021
Additional Information: Coming soon

ACTIVE: Starfish: Advising Management

 starfish retention solution logo


Implement an early alert and student success software that promotes clear communication between instructors, advisors, and students, and makes it easier for students to access the people who can support them while at the university. Starfish offers online appointment scheduling, waiting room management, and the ability for faculty and staff to document their interactions with students.

Academic plans, success plans and case management features ensure the student and the campus know the next step for success.

Initiated: September 2020
Status: Estimated completion fall 2021
Additional Information: Visit Starfish @ TU

ACTIVE: TeamDynamix: Service Management

 team dynamix


Provide a comprehensive support tool for technical issue tracking. Primarily utilized by IT, TeamDynamix also provides functionality for service and project management.

Once completed, the TeamDynamix platform will serve as a one-stop-shop for help ticket needs, FAQ and knowledge base, asset tracking and more.

Initiated: November 2020
Status: Estimated completion June 2021
Additional Information: Coming soon

PLANNING: Colleague Modernization

 elucian colleague


Invest and improve upon our current enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Ellucian Colleague, to ensure best-practice use and improved efficiency and effectiveness in our administrative and academic operations.

Upcoming Improvements: Follett Book Integration, FERPA Tracking Phase 2, Student Financial Planning, Operational Data Store (ODS)

Initiated: TBD
Status: Planning/prioritized; Mobile CANCELED (no longer offered by Ellucian)
Additional Information: As initiated

COMPLETED: AdAstra: Facilities Reservations System

 network upgrade


Provide a unified method for managing physical spaces at TU. This one-stop system provides the ability to book meetings and event space across the university, for both one-time and recurring gatherings.

A key benefit of TU’s new Facilities Reservation System is that it provides a campus-wide view of all rooms available, at various dates and times. Find information about each room’s capacity limits and installed technology, as well as make special requests for audio-visual equipment, room setups and catering services. In addition, in some instances the system streamlines risk-assessment approvals for smaller event requests.

Initiated: June 2020
Status: October 2020
Additional Information: Visit Ad Astra

COMPLETED: Classroom Technology Upgrades

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Ensure classrooms ready for hybrid/hyflex teaching options. While originally escalated in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the updates and efforts for consistency established the baseline for TU classrooms moving forward. This project played a critical role in TU’s ability to deliver quality teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Completed Improvements: All TU classrooms updated in some way – from comprehensive to addition of webcams/crisp audio and document cameras.

Initiated: July 2020
Status: January 2021

COMPLETED: Colleague Modernization: Completed Projects

elucian colleague


Invest and improve upon our current enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Ellucian Colleague, to ensure best-practice use and improved efficiency and effectiveness in our administrative and academic operations.

Completed Improvements: Financial Aid Packaging, Online Benefit Enrollment, Student Offer Letters, Unofficial Transcripts, Drop/Add Report, Ethos API, FERPA Tracking Phase, Slate Automation

Initiated: January 2020
Status: Completed as of April 2021
Additional Information: Log-in to Colleague or Self-Service

COMPLETED: Huron Initiative: Administrative Operations Improvements

huron group


The University of Tulsa completed a thorough, independent review and analysis of its administrative operations with a goal of becoming more efficient and better supporting the academic enterprise. The review, assessed by The Huron Group, culminated with the finding that TU’s distributed environment, coupled with an aging technology infrastructure, has led to operational inefficiencies related to duplicative roles and processes and a relatively large administrative structure.

TU implemented several of the recommendations with results that exceeded expectations.

Initiated: March 2020
Status: December 2020
Additional Information: Learn more (Requires TU account)

COMPLETED: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) is an authentication method that increases security using two or more methods to verify your identity before granting access to protected information. One method is already used – your username and password. MFA adds an additional method.

Higher Education is a top target for security attacks. Passwords are easy to compromise by attackers and the need for a second method to verify identity helps eliminate that risk.

Initiated: June 2020
Status: Completed July 2020
Additional Information: Get help with MFA

COMPLETED: SafeZone: Safety Alert

SafeZone campus security application


Provide additional security for students and employees anywhere on campus, anytime of day. The SafeZone mobile app connects you with Campus Security from your phone. SafeZone allows you to quickly and easily signal for emergency assistance, summon first aid or request a check-in as you walk across campus. When you send an alert or a check-in request on the app, SafeZone alerts Campus Security of your precise location on campus using GPS technology. This project played a critical role in student, faculty and staff safety during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing a contactless pocket panic button.

Initiated: September 2020
Completed: October 2020
Additional Information: View additional details

COMPLETED: Teams Only – Goodbye Skype

microsoft skype to teams conversion

Skype for Business will be retired on July 31, 2021, and after that date the service will no longer be accessible. Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 application that replaces Skype- it includes virtual meetings, chat (IM) and many additional features available to campus users. TU is moving to an all Microsoft Teams campus!

Initiated: Fall 2020
Completed: February 2021
Additional Information: Need help? Visit

COMPLETED: Transact: Mobile Ordering

dining mobile application icon

Implement a mobile app for ordering of food from campus dining facilities. Includes customizable mobile ordering options, made-to-order meals and grab-and-go items from an array of eateries. Users will be able to select a dining location and the item(s) for purchase and customize, review the order, choose a payment method and then complete the order (the app will create a unique barcode). This project played an integral role in contactless ordering during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Initiated: Spring 2020
Status: Completed August 17, 2020
Additional Information: View additional details