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students gathered outside the union on a snowy day

Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning

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Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
McFarlin Library, 5th Floor

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Learning is a lifelong process, an individualized journey that extends far beyond a major or the walls of a classroom. Students at TU have an insatiable passion for this journey, and it is at the Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning (OIEL) that they find the tools necessary to embark on their quest.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Scholars may enliven their studies through global education, research, scholarship, and interdisciplinary development opportunities. At OIEL, we recognize the importance of self-discovery through education, and students here find every valuable resource required to pursue these ends.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Facilitated through OIEL are interdisciplinary programs and real world scholarly enrichment opportunities designed to challenge students in their personal and professional educational experience.