International engineering and language program offers cultural immersion experience

New program offers dual degree in engineering and foreign language

5 years, 2 degrees, 1 year abroad, 1 semester tuition waiver

The University of Tulsa School of Language and Literature in the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences has partnered with the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences to officially launch the International Engineering and Language dual degree program.

The IEL program offers a bachelor of science degree in an engineering or science discipline and a bachelor of arts degree in French, German, Spanish, Chinese Studies or Russian Studies. The five-year program includes one year abroad: students complete one semester of coursework at a partner university and work a second semester at an internship with an engineering or science firm in the target language. Those who study and intern abroad for one year and complete the two degrees will receive free tuition during their 10th semester.

IEL students are encouraged to apply for residency in the Hardesty Language Community where they can interact with other program participants and practice their second language. The Hardesty Language Community, located on the third floor of Hardesty Hall, features international students as resident assistants and program leaders.

Those interested in the IEL program should apply as a part of their application to TU, although students can apply during their freshman or sophomore year. Once students take the Language Placement Exam, they are placed in the appropriate level of language classes and enroll in engineering courses. Many students will have an opportunity to begin the program at an intermediate or advanced level of their second language based on skills acquired during high school.

Program Director David Tingey said the IEL is designed for students who want to make the most of their university experience by earning an engineering or science degree while immersing themselves in a foreign language and culture.

“This new dual-degree BS+BA program helps engineering and science students become global professionals,” he said. “The semester abroad studying at a partner university, the internship with a firm in the target language and country and our tuition benefit — a complete tuition waiver in the 10th semester — make it in most cases easier and financially more feasible for ENS students to complete the full language bachelor’s degree as part of this five-year program than to earn a language minor during the four years. This is particularly true for students with scholarships including Presidential Scholars. Engineering and science graduates who have studied and worked abroad for a year and can demonstrate fluency in a foreign language and culture are in high demand in the global economy.”

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