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Pathway to Academics Program

Program Organization

The Pathway to Academics Program provides international undergraduate students who are otherwise qualified but whose TOEFL scores are slightly less than 70 the opportunity to be enrolled in prescribed academic coursework while strengthening their language proficiency skills. In this fulltime program students will take English Institute courses focusing on oral and written accuracy and fluency as well as credit bearing academic math and college writing courses.

This semester long program requires students to attend classes that meet weekly from Monday to Friday. Students are given access to the language laboratory classroom outside class hours to continue relevant course work. They will also have the opportunity to participate in conversation practice activities and adjust to campus and community life through social and cultural events.

Apply Now

In order to be admitted to the Pathway to Academics Program, a student must have academic admission to the University of Tulsa and an appropriate language proficiency score. A list of admission requirements can be found here.

Session Schedule

The Pathway to Academics Program begins a new session every August and January. The dates for each session are as follows:

Fall 2017
August 21-December 4 Classes
December 5-December 6 Reading Days
December 7-December 14 Final Exams
Spring 2018
January 8-April 23 Classes
April 24-April 25 Reading Days
April 26-May 3 Final Exams

Sample Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-9:50am Academic Math Academic Math Lab Academic Math Academic Math Lab Academic Math
10-10:50am Academic College Writing Academic College Writing Academic College Writing
11-11:50am EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency
1-2:50pm EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency EIIS Accuracy & Fluency


In order to be considered for admission to The Pathway to Academics Program, students must submit the following information:

  • A properly completed application for international students
  • An appropriate language proficiency score
  • A $50 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Proof of completion of a secondary school program with transcripts
  • A properly completed and certified Confirmation of Financial Resources form
  • A copy of your passport

Accurate submission of all the above material is essential to enable the admissions office to process your application in a timely manner.


Students are expected to complete this program in one semester. However, below are the estimated costs for a full academic year:

Tuition $16,040 $32,080
International Fee $180 $360
Health Insurance $756 $1,512
Student Association Fee $70 $140
Total Tuition and Fees $17,046 $34,092
Books $600 $1,200
Housing * $3,197 $6,394
Food ** $2,361 $4,722
Community & Residence Hall Fees $200 $400
Personal Expenses $1,730 $3,460
Total Living Expenses $8,088 $16,176
Total Tuition, Fees & Living Expenses $25,134 $50,268

Estimated expenses are in U.S. dollars.

* Cost is based on a double room in William F. Fisher – cost is per student

** Cost is based on a university meal plan with 12 meals per week (plus 400 Dining and 50 Game Day Dollars)

Students must provide proof of private health insurance or purchase the United health insurance plan provided through The University of Tulsa.

Students who will bring a spouse and/or children with them to the U.S. must provide the following information for each person so we may include them on your immigration document:

  • Full name
  • Relationship
  • Date and Country of Birth