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Introducing Color Print and Wireless/Mobile Print Options for Students

Effective Monday, November 25, 2019

Your IT Department is excited to announce improvements in response to conversations prompted by the Student Senate:

  • A new color printer has been purchased and installed in the McFarlin Library computer lab, per initial request, that has been equipped with mobile/wireless print functionality.
  • We’ve also implemented mobile/wireless print on all printers in the McFarlin Library computer lab.
  • As a result of our recent ‘color printer testing’ time in the computer lab, we are moving forward with upgrading lab computers to help lessen their laggy response time.

One of Information Technology’s primary goals is to relentlessly pursue efficiency and effectiveness. In a recent Academic Computing Committee meeting a member asked, “Do we need to provide computer labs in 2019?” The answer is yes. What a ‘computer lab’ looks like will likely change over time. We hear from TU students today that they primarily use the lab computers to print. Empowering wireless print should allow us to get a better understanding of how the labs are used and where we should best invest our finite resources in the future. In many instances, streamlining how we do things provides insight into true need.

A Bit of Housekeeping

Currently of the 1000 print allotment for students, a black-white print is charged at one print per page. The color print will charge as seven prints per page. We will assess this fee annually as student printing charges are recovery-for-cost charges, not revenue generators.

How to Use Mobile Print?

  • Open a browser on any device – iPhone, laptop, tablet.
  • Visit: http://TUPRINT:9163/setup.
  • Your device operating system (OS) will be auto-detected.
  • Follow the instructions for installation of a new printer profile.
  • Once installed, you will simply select your preferred printer to print to.
  • Experiencing issues? Visit the IT Help Desk in McFarlin Library. Our staff will be happy to help get you connected!

In Closing

We thank The University of Tulsa Improvements Committee within the Student Association Senate. Specifically, Ben Butler who reached out initially in October 2019. We hope that we’ve met, and even possibly exceeded, your expectations. We do plan to expand these print options to the rest of campus. Supporting our students is a top priority.

As such, TU will be participating in the annual Educause Student Survey starting in January 2020. We are hoping to collect from you, the students, open and honest feedback on your technology expectations, insights, usage and needs. Please participate when sent out. And thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Ideas, questions, concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact Paige Francis at