January CIO Updates - The University of Tulsa

January CIO Updates

The holidays provided a wonderful break and I hope everyone took time to refresh, recharge and relax. Welcome back to campus, TU!

Your IT team is certainly raring to go this 2020. So much going on and, although we’re not leading all campus excitement, we are honored to be present to ensure that whatever is started has the resources and the technology support to get finished. We spent much of fall 2019 assessing the campus, investing in our people-plans and prioritizing next steps based on what we learned as we listened. And we love to listen!

A few key initiatives coming soon:

  • Student Technology Survey is Coming!

    The survey will run from Monday, Feb. 17 through Friday, Feb. 28. This is a benchmarking experience. We need direct feedback from students to make sure we are making improvements where students see gaps and deficiencies. In IT, while we enjoy pontificating over what we think our students need and want, we are hyper-aware that we are not equipped to truly define the student technology experience without direct student feedback. Please participate. It’s entirely optional and your voice is needed and wanted.

  • Investing in the Foundation

    Student feedback. Faculty feedback. Staff feedback. All on the docket for spring 2020. In the meantime, we are refreshing the terribly outdated legacy tech environment at its very core. Without this refresh, even the basics aren’t doable – wifi, backups, recovery, storage, repositories, communication. All need a strong foundation. This is our early spring.

  • Pumping the Brakes on Spending to Establish Standards

    No one likes the word ‘freeze’ but our campus general technology spending needs some controls in place and some reasonable standards set. During this brief period, we will review historical spending, identify tech standards and convey those standards to vendors to negotiate the best price for the university. The result of this initiative should be clear standards or recommendations on items like desktop computers and similar devices, classroom technology, conference room technology and plans for campus printing. While known as ‘basics’, left centrally un-managed and un-negotiated, excess spending on basics becomes the norm. And, as we all know, technology in general is not inexpensive. We’re tackling in hopes of becoming a part of the solution.

  • …and more LISTENING!

    IT Leadership is making the rounds, meeting our schools and colleges in our schools and colleges! Please join us at one of our Open Forum sessions. Also please know we are ready, willing and able to meet with you – your department, your class, your team, your group – to discuss general IT, to hear concerns and feedback, to whiteboard ideas. You name it. We’ve also updated our website to include contact information for IT leadership. We are truly here to serve, please reach out!

Next Open Forums:

Monday, February 10, 2020
Helmerich Hall, 219

Friday, February 21, 2020
Student Union, Chouteau Room

We are excited to be an active part of this thriving campus. Thank you for allowing us to serve you TU!

Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Email me: paige-francis@utulsa.edu