Justice, Inclusion and Humanity - May 30 - The University of Tulsa

Justice, Inclusion and Humanity – May 30

TU students, faculty and staff,

This past week has brought a heightened sense of shock and sadness as we witnessed an unarmed man being deprived of his rights, his dignity and, eventually, his very breath. George Floyd’s death was captured on video and shared with a world already on edge.

Whether it’s on a Minneapolis street in 2020 or in a Tulsa elevator in 1921, the legacy of racism is deep, pervasive and intolerable.

You, the members of our university community, have a choice. You can choose to recognize bias – in yourself and others – and have the personal courage to call it out. You can be vigilant and vocal. You can be an agent for positive change and an advocate for those at risk of being marginalized. Although we are apart, we are not alone. We are stronger together, and we must live our commitment to justice, inclusion and humanity.

Janet K. Levit
Interim President