Keep Learning Website, Internet Connectivity and More! (student email) — April 1, 2020 - The University of Tulsa

Keep Learning Website, Internet Connectivity and More! (student email) — April 1, 2020

Happy April Fool’s Day, TU students!

First off, this is not a joke. It’s legit. 😊What a wild ride the past few weeks have been! Thank you all for your grace and responsiveness in the face of unprecedented change. What proved to be a rapidly implemented switching of gears for us in IT resulted in a supremely dramatic change in your learning experience. Via continuous collaboration with our faculty members and Student Success team, we hope we have responded well to your needs. That said, we still see some areas where we might be able to address shifting concerns. As such, we welcome you to visit a new website landing page dedicated entirely to you and your personal support team: We promise to keep the webpage fresh and timely as we will continue to listen to YOU. We are honored to address YOUR NEEDS/WANTS. Your success is our success.

Top 3 Tips from IT – as of TODAY

  1. Internet got you down? (pun intended) Check your internet speed by visiting and searching for internet speed test. Click RUN TEST. If it says low or slow, check the Keep Learning page for next steps; there are solutions at low-to-no cost!
  2. New or new-ish to Harvey/Blackboard? This 12-minute video serves as a comprehensive introduction to learning in this “new normal” of today.
  3. Talk with your instructor. Connectivity issues? Fears about ‘dropping connection’ during a lecture or (gasp!) in the middle of a test? Do not hesitate to open a dialogue with your instructor. They will work with you and with IT to address current limitations.
Once again, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to support you. Your IT team is here to help in any way we can. We appreciate you and are proud to be active members of YOUR community. Ideas? Thoughts? Concerns? Never hesitate to open a help ticket via or contact me directly at any time.Stay healthy,

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