Keller and McLaury awarded project to research pipeline repair

The projects will investigate composite repairs of critical aging infrastructure

TU Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Michael Keller has been awarded two competitive research awards from the Pipeline Heath and Safety Administration (PHMSA), a division of the Department of Transportation, to perform research on composite repairs of piping. Both projects will investigate the performance of bonded composite repairs on pipes that contain damage in the form of holes through the pipe wall. One project relates to the performance of patch-type repairs under fluctuating pressure loads. For the second project, Dr. Keller will partner with TU Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Brenton McLaury to investigate what happens to composite repairs as the pipe is subjected to the erosive effects of sand particles flowing through the pipe. Both projects are supported by PHMSA and by industry partners, including Citadel Technologies, Air Logistics, and Neptune Research.