McFarlin Library History - The University of Tulsa

McFarlin Library History

Throughout The University of Tulsa’s history, the University has embraced the importance of a library to the academic community.  In the First Annual Catalogueof Henry Kendall College, Muskogee, Indian Territory, 1894, a page was set aside declaring the needs of the college. The first need was scholarships — $100.00 would pay all expenses for one student for one year.  The second read:

The Library stands greatly in need of reference books, especially in history, science and English language and literature.  The college greatly needs $500 for library purposes.  One hundred dollars just at this time would relieve a part of the extreme necessity. An endowment fund would advance the work greatly.

By 1901, the library, a room in the administration building, contained 1200 books. When the University moved to Tulsa, and to its eventual home, three miles east of town, a room was set aside in the administration building, later Kendall Hall, to house the growing collection of volumes.

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