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Placing Photocopies on Reserve

  • To allow time for processing, submit reserve requests on the appropriate form at least five working days prior to class assignments. Requests are date-stamped when received and processed in order of receipt.
  • McFarlin Library follows the “Model Policy Concerning College and University Photocopying for Classroom, Research, and Library Reserve Use” developed by the American Library Association (1982). In accordance with that policy:
  1. Photocopies of journal articles placed on reserve must include on the first page the complete bibliographic citation (journal title, date, and publisher) and a statement of copyright ownership.
  2. Photocopies of articles may be placed on reserve for one course for one semester without evidence of permission from the copyright owner under the ALA interpretation of the Fair Use provision of the Copyright Code. Photocopies will be returned to the instructor at the end of the semester. The number of copies of each article, chapter, etc., must be reasonable in light of the number of students enrolled, the difficulty and timing of assignments, and the number of other courses that may assign the same material.
  3. Use of the same photocopied material in multiple courses or subsequent semesters requires written permission from the copyright owner. (See Sample Copyright Permission Letter)
  4. Bound collections (anthology format) of photocopied articles and/or chapters of books will not be accepted for Reserve use.
  • Only photocopies furnished by the instructor will be placed on reserve. Individual instructors must assure that copyright requirements are met.
  • Each copyrighted item should be submitted separately. The reserve staff will place a copyright stamp on the page bearing the bibliographic citation (see A above). This citation will be used to create the bibliographic record.
  • If instructors do not provide copyright information as required, photocopies submitted for Reserve will be returned to them. See B above for first-time use allowable under the Fair Use provision. See C above for copyrighted items resubmitted to Reserve for use in the next or subsequent semesters.

Photocopies Reserves Request

Sample Copyright Permission Letter

Photocopies Reserve Request Form