New Student Orientation

Fall Orientation helps you succeed quickly at TU.

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Get Ahead Quickly

Every fall during the week before classes we create a unique experience aimed to help new students, and their families, get off to the best start possible.

This fall New Student Orientation starts on Tuesday, August 18th, and runs through Saturday, August 22nd.

Below you’ll find program highlights and information about optional programs available to students to families as well.

  • For New Students

    StartTU is designed to help every new student StartTU off in the best way possible. We include timeless traditions, tons of critical information as well as newly innovated programming aimed at helping students be ready for the first day of classes and the challenges that are part of the first year in college.

    Here is just a sample of what we have built into your StartTU experience:

    • Peer Mentors – These veteran student leaders are selected and trained to help guide new students into the campus community. They serve as group facilitators during Orientation week and then stay connected to new students throughout the first year as friends, mentors, and someone who can help with all kinds of challenges.
    • Faculty and Staff Mentors – We introduce new students to a wide range of mentors from our faculty, professional staff and campus organizations. Research across the nation continues to demonstrate that connections with faculty and professionals can have a huge positive impact on a student’s educational experience.
    • New to the US – We offer a specialized track within orientation for students who are brand new to the United States. Sessions focus on the academic, cultural and social challenges for those who are new to Western culture.
    • SA’s Dance Party – The Student Association hosts a loud, fun, outdoor dance party for everyone, filled with energy and fun.
    • Athletics Rally – The University of Tulsa is part of a highly competitive athletic conference and school spirit is growing more than ever on campus. Coaches, athletes and The Sound of the Golden Hurricane will be at the Athletics Rally to introduce school traditions and get you excited about being part of The Golden Hurricane.
    • Community Service – serving our neighbors is part of our DNA at The University of Tulsa. Read to kids, paint murals, assist teachers or help with any number of other service opportunities provided by TU’s True Blue Neighbors volunteer center.
    • Playfair – There’s nothing quite like this high-energy, fun-filled event. Playfair is the best way to break the “new kid on campus” tension. You’ll be entertained, meet tons of new people, have some amazing team-building experiences and make more friends in an hour than you ever imagined possible.
    • Campus Glow Tour – Our night-time campus scavenger hunt is an annual tradition where you finish with lots of glow-gear and feeling like you already own the campus.
  • For Parents and Families of New Students

    Students aren’t the only ones going through a big transition as they head off to college. Parents and families can find themselves with just as wide of a range of emotions including excitement, satisfaction, uncertainty and a strong sense of already missing their college student.

    So, we want to help make your transition successful as well! Below you’ll find a sample of potential programs we hope to make available for parents and families of new students during our one-day move-in experience at the start of Orientation. This one day of activity is the only part of New Student Orientation designated for parents and family members of new students.

    • Parent Information Fair – A come-and-go event where various campus offices and services set up small tables, handout materials, meet parents, and answer questions. In previous years this included the Business Office, Athletics, Deans’ offices, Campus Security, Dining, Greek life, and more.
    • Welcome Reception for Multicultural Students – This annual event is hosted by campus leaders and offices to welcome multicultural students to our campus community and to highlight many of the ways our campus supports and empowers students.
    • Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – An inspirational presentation for students and parents at The Reynolds Center.
    • Matriculation Ceremony – This annual exercise serves as the official welcome of the new class into the academic community. Overseen by the President of the University, TU faculty, administrators, and staff will welcome our new students and remind them of why they chose The University of Tulsa.