Advancing cyber frontiers: Highlights from the 2024 Tulsa Cyber Summit - The University of Tulsa
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Advancing cyber frontiers: Highlights from the 2024 Tulsa Cyber Summit

The recent Tulsa Cyber Summit, organized by The University of Tulsa’s Oklahoma Cyber Innovation Institute (OCII), was a triumph of knowledge and collaboration in cybersecurity. The April 23-24 event attracted a diverse group of professionals, students, and faculty who engaged in a series of insightful presentations and panel discussions.

OCII Executive Director and U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Chad Raduege’s opening remarks and vision presentation set the tone for the event’s ambitious agenda. Lt. Gen. (Ret). Harry Raduege and Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Rob Lyman, among others, illuminated national cybersecurity efforts, their significant impact and future directions.

The Cyber Fellows Spotlight, showcasing groundbreaking research from the University of Tulsa’s Cyber Fellows, included topics ranging from the intersection of cybersecurity with robotics and mechanical engineering to the crucial role of women in cybersecurity, presented by talented individuals such as Abisoye Ajayi and Samantha Phillips.

Panel discussions covered a wide array of topics, including the burgeoning role of Tulsa as a tech hub, with insights from local business leaders and academia. TU’s Tyler Moore, Tandy Endowed Chair in Cyber Security and Information Assurance and professor of computer science, and Ben Peters, Hazel Rogers Endowed Chair in Media Studies and associate professor of cyber studies, offered contrasting views on cyber war threats in an intriguing debate that sparked further discussion among attendees.

Interactive sessions included Q&A segments with panels of military experts, local business leaders, and chief information security officers, allowing for a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions. Additionally, tours of North Campus research facilities and the National Computer Forensics Lab provided a hands-on experience of the cutting-edge resources and initiatives underway.

The summit closed on a high note with discussions around the role of cybersecurity in supporting and securing businesses and governments, positioning the OCII and The University of Tulsa as pivotal players in advancing cyber education and innovation.