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Business in Dubai

The Collins College of Business reminisced on an incredible journey to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, that brimmed with inspiration and collaboration. Engaging with esteemed alumni at a delightful dinner on Sunday evening and witnessing the remarkable accomplishments of TU alumnus Farhad Azizi’s company, Azizi Developments, were highlights of the trip.

During the visit, Amy Gerald, Finance Professor Meagan McCollum, and Dean Taylor had the honor of meeting two remarkable women advocating for education and empowerment:


– Her Excellency Shaikha Noora Al Khalifa, a true champion for higher education and women’s empowerment, whose work with Medpoint Design and The Nine Training Center was truly inspiring. They were excited about potential collaborations with The University of Tulsa.
– Alissar Nasr, Chief Academic Officer at Al Mawakeb Schools, whose dedication to alumni and students alike was commendable. Her commitment to amplifying alumni voices and shaping students’ futures was remarkable, and they looked forward to welcoming students from Al Mawakeb Schools to TU in the future.

Before departing Dubai, they visited the US Consulate Office, rounding off the trip on a high note.