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College Experience Like No Other

My first great experience of college was rushing a fraternity my first week of college.

In high school, I had always dreamed of what my college experience would be like. Fraternities have a reputation of being fun and close knit and that’s something I desired from my college experience.

During the summer before my freshman year some fraternities had reached out to me with rush dinners and I had attended them. I always had a great time and knew then what fraternity I wanted to rush. Whenever rush actually happened my eyes were opened to how great the fraternity I am in now (Lambda Chi Alpha) was. I decided to change my mind and rush this fraternity and I am glad I did.

I remember running to the house with all of the other freshmen I rushed  and I felt an overwhelming joy. I was so glad to become a part of an organization of great men that would push me to be a better student, friend, and leader.

During rush, you don’t meet most of the members of the fraternity due to time constraints. I would say there were hidden gems in the brothers I didn’t get to meet because they ended up being some of my greatest friends. I often feel bad for students not in a house because dorm life can be so boring.

I immediately moved into the house my freshmen year and I have loved every bit of it. This is the only time in my life where I will be able to live in a house with another 20+ guys and I am making sure to take advantage of it.

by Alejandro F