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Four in-demand cybersecurity jobs

Going into cybersecurity? Good timing. According to EMSI, a labor analytics company, U.S. employers have less than half the qualified cybersecurity candidates they need. When you minor in cybersecurity at The University of Tulsa, you’ll have your pick of cool jobs. Here are four you might find especially intriguing.  

Become an ethical hacker.

young woman seated in front of a computer terminal with graphic images floating in the foregroundWhen you think of a “hacker,” what comes to mind? You might imagine someone in a darkened lair, breaking into secure networks to steal data or wreak havoc. But now envision someone who uses their hacking skills for good. These “white hat” ethical hackers are employed by companies and the government to find weak spots in computer systems before their less-scrupulous counterparts hack their way in. (A subset of the field, known as penetration testing, simulates cyberattacks.) To thrive in this field, you’ll need knowledge of programming languages, networks and databases – not to mention an aptitude for solving problems and a passion for privacy and the public good. 

Protect the institutions that keep the country running.

The federal government considers cybersecurity such a major threat that it’s hiring cybersecurity experts to work with public institutions in every state in the country. What’s at risk? Ransomware attacks that shut whole city agencies down. (There have been more than 2,400 ransomware complaints since the start of the pandemic, according to the FBI.) Email intrusions that expose confidential data. Threats to critical infrastructure that could affect the electrical grid, water treatment plants and other vital parts of daily life. If you’re looking for a way to combine your technical skills with a love of public service, TU’s cybersecurity programs can prepare you for that mission. 

Follow the demand. The rewards will follow.

Today, the two most in-demand cybersecurity skills are application development security (+164%) and cloud security (+115%). According to an October 2020 report from Burning Glass Technologies, those careers carry a hefty salary premium, too — up to $15,000 over the going rate for cybersecurity experts. As a TU alum, you’ll have the skills to pivot to whatever the big threat of the day is. Our students have even been included on several cybersecurity patents, as a result of the work they’ve done to identify new threats. 

Become an entrepreneur. Build your own cybersecurity company.

By the time you graduate from TU, you will have put your problem-solving skills to work in cyberdefense competitions, internships and research projects. These experiences give you a close-up view on real-world challenges. As a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Education for 20 years, we’re on the cutting edge of industry research. So it’s no surprise that many TU graduates have gone on to establish cybersecurity companies, putting their insights to work. Avansic provides digital forensic services to law firms. TRUE Digital helps organizations in health care, energy and other sectors where security is paramount guard against attacks and comply with regulations. TokenEX is a cloud-based data security company. In fact, our extensive alumni network means you’ll have a chance to meet some of these entrepreneurs and ask how they built their careers.