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Energy Fellows for Center for Energy Studies

Eric Olson & Buford Pollett

Recently The University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business announced the formation of the Center for Energy Studies on March 2023 led by the Director of the Center for Energy Studies Eric Olson. The interdisciplinary center is dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of energy transitions and resource allocation. Led by faculty and students from The University of Tulsa, the center aims to provide insightful guidance on critical energy policy issues, providing data for informed decision-making in a rapidly changing area.

The mission is to produce high-impact policy research. The goal is to make the findings accessible to the public, empowering individuals and policymakers with the knowledge needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy sector. The four research policy areas of focus are: economic costs of permitting/eminent domain, energy poverty, energy security (i.e., geopolitics and international relations), and the economic costs/benefits of climate finance.

The inaugural cohort of Energy Faculty Fellows were recently announced. Faculty members across The University of Tulsa were invited to apply for this prestigious fellowship, which includes a stipend and access to research funds for student collaboration. Those faculty are Jason Walter, Meagan McCollum, Anne Grau, Buford Pollet, Parameswar Hari, and Andrew Morin. The primary purpose of the fellows is to write short policy papers related to energy for public consumptions, work with the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) students to produce an annual energy outlook for Oklahoma and apply for external funding. Sponsored by generous corporate partners and foundations, these fellowships offer TU faculty a unique opportunity to engage in innovative energy policy research and mentor the next generation of energy leaders.