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First Mile/Last Mile: Student Innovation Competition

What: First Mile/Last Mile is an innovation competition focusing on Tulsa’s most significant issue with public transportation, connecting riders to the “first and last mile.” While navigating public transit can be manageable, in many areas of the city, the closest bus stop can be a mile from a patron’s house or final destination. This can be an issue for disadvantaged riders or those with mobility issues. Can you develop a creative or innovative smart mobility solution to solving the first/last mile dilemma?

Why: In partnership with the Indian Nations Council of Governments, TU’s Collins College of Business aims to create real potential solutions for Tulsa while educating students on the limitations and opportunities concerning mobility.

Who: Any University of Tulsa student can participate regardless of major or discipline. You can compete by yourself or in a team of up to four.


  1. Access our resource guide to help you craft and frame your idea. Mentors from throughout the community are available for questions by emailing
  2. Submit your idea by March 19 to the portal.
  3. Semifinalists will be announced at 3:30 p.m. March 22 at the JOLT event “How to Create a Compelling Business Pitch.”
  4. Semifinalists will be asked to choose a 20-minute time slot on the afternoon of April 7 to pitch their ideas for up to $3,000 in cash prizes.
  5. Winners will be contacted by April 14 and recognized during a Creativity Club event on April 21 featuring Rustic Cuff founder Jill Donovan.