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Geo Photo Content 2022

GEOPHOTO 2022 was conducted 3:30-5:00, Friday, April 15, 2022. Lots of great pictures! We had 8 (individual) students win either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the four categories, and we had a Grand Prize winner (Yiran Xing). The list of those capturing one of the many prizes: Seth Pinoo, Cailin Stauffer, Beau Crockett, Yiran Xing, Hannah Whorton, Logan Guthrie, Zoe Magee and Paloma Probart.


Category 1: Rocks & Minerals

Geo photo contest, rock category
First Prize: Seth Pinoo. “Yooprolites”. Michigan
Geo photo contest, rock category
Second Prize: Cailin Stauffer.
Geo photo contest, rock category
Third Prize: Beau Crockett. Gyrolite on Prehnite. Pune District, India

Category 2: Landscapes

Zion National Park
First Prize: Yiran Xing. Zion National Park
Bryce Canyon, Utah
Second Prize: Hannah Whorton. Bryce Canyon. Utah
Kolob Canyon, Utah.
Third Prize(Tie): Hannah Whorton. Kolob Canyon. Utah.
Glacier National Park, Montana
Third Prize (Tie): Logan Guthrie.Glacier National Park. Montana

Category 3: Field Geology

Self Collecting Limonite Ps Pyrite, Ouray, CO.
First Prize: Beau Crockett. Self Collecting Limonite Ps Pyrite. Ouray, CO.
Metamorphic, Ireland
Second Prize: Zoe Magee. Metamorphic. Ireland.
Capital Reef National Park, Utah
Third Prize: Hannah Whorton. Capital Reef National Park. Utah

Category 4: Natural Resource Geology

Hoover Dam, Nevada
First Prize: Paloma Probart. Dam Water Decreasing. Hoover Dam, Nevada.
Open Pit Mine, North Carolina
Second Prize: Seth Pinoo. Open Pit Mine. North Carolina.
Limestone Open Pit High Wall, Springfield, MO.
Third Prize: Beau Crockett. Limestone Open Pit High Wall. Springfield, MO.

Grand Prize photo by Yiran Xing
Grand Prize photo by Yiran Xing