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5 Reasons Why Hiring Interns is the Right Move for Your Business

Are you still deciding if hiring college interns is the right move for your business? According to a study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 35% of employers’ full-time college hires came from their internship programs. There is a vast variety of benefits that come from implementing an internship program within your company. We’ve got five reasons why it’s finally time to start hiring interns.

  1. A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Interns have the ability to bring in new ideas, a fresh perspective, and solutions to current company problems that, perhaps, haven’t been considered. Bringing in a student might just help you solve a long-term problem that can’t seem to be resolved. Interns are good at looking at old processes and suggesting updates.

  1. Tech Savvy

This is the generation that grew up with tablets and smart phones in their hands. They understand technology better than any generation before them and most things like programs, software, and social media comes easy to them. With technology being second nature, interns can be a great resource to update how you use tech and even teach your current employees.

  1. Trial Period

An internship is one of the best ways to see if a student or graduate is a good fit for the company. You get to see firsthand their skills, their knowledge and potential. This allows for a connection to be formed and helps you find ideal employees.

  1. Word of Mouth

The #1 thing that students are talking about at school is their summer experiences. Most of these consist of internships. Even with social media and career fairs, word of mouth is still the most common way that students hear about opportunities and make decisions. When you provide an internship that is beneficial and memorable for the student, they are almost certain to tell their friends about it. This not only encourages students to apply for your program, but it also enhances your reputation. They won’t just tell their friends, but their families.

  1. Real Solutions to Real Problems

Companies should plan on giving interns real projects that contribute to the company. Why? First off, it gives the intern meaningful work which motivates them. Secondly, it actually adds value to the company. Presenting real work to interns will help your business accomplish more, receive fresh insight (as mentioned above), and enhance your overall workplace.