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Interning Abroad: Siviria and Uribe’s incredible experiences overseas

Sophia Siviria and Vidhari Rios Uribe recently shared the memories made and lessons learned from interning abroad this summer.

At The University of Tulsa, we aim to empower our students to embrace experiences beyond the confines of campus. Whether that involves studying or interning abroad, students continually demonstrate their drive to enhance their college experiences in remarkable ways.

Sophia Siviria, a senior majoring in international business and language, and Vidhari Rios Uribe, a senior in business management, took the leap to intern out of the country this past summer. Their individual experiences illustrate the impact that international internships can have on our students.

Buenos Aires bound

Siviria dedicated two months to an internship at Pan America Energy in Buenos Aires, where her transformative journey as a commercial development intern took form. Sivira was entrusted with a crucial role in one of the company’s business units – Castrol lubricants. Her project’s objective was to develop strategic recommendations to boost sales of Castrol products in service stations.

Siviria’s responsibilities included extensive fieldwork, involving visits to service stations, communicating effectively with employees, and providing a thorough analysis of the environment and existing protocols and methods. Her goal was to identify target areas to improve.

Among Siviria’s proudest moments were the opportunities to connect with professionals from around the world, fostering lasting connections and friendships. “I felt incredibly rewarded when I presented my findings to the management team, receiving their positive feedback and knowing they were satisfied with the results of my project.”

Summer in Panama

Uribe’s journey took her to Colon, Panama, where she assumed the role of a Supply Chain/Purchasing intern for Manzanillo International Terminal. While there, Uribe actively engaged in various pivotal activities, including routine purchasing operations, major corporate operational software implementation, and conducting significant research on innovative techniques for recycling and disposing of tires from the terminal. “Every day at the terminal was different from the last,” Uribe explained, “ because I was involved in a diverse range of projects. Each day presented new challenges!”

One of Uribe’s most gratifying moments occurred when she realized that the training materials she had developed for the new software would be utilized across all of the company’s locations. Uribe expressed her satisfaction, saying, “Knowing that my work would impact how company employees were going to be trained and would enhance their understanding of the operations was truly rewarding.” She added, “My internship experience has provided me with a broader understanding of corporate culture, as it was my first exposure to that environment, but also an understanding of the global challenges that companies face worldwide.”

CaneCareers can help

Both Siviria and Uribe made use of the resources offered to students on campus, especially CaneCareers. “CaneCareers helped me immensely all throughout the process,” Siviria said. “Tom Trimble helped me find the right program and helped me during every step of the application process. I feel tremendously grateful for his feedback and counseling.”

As a dedicated career coach at the CaneCareers office, Trimble has assisted many students in discovering valuable internship opportunities aligned with their skills, interests and career goals. After a student schedules their appointment through Handshake, Trimble and the other career coaches meet with students to gain insight into their aspirations. “At the same time,” Trimble noted, “we identify and establish relationships with employers who offer opportunities abroad.”

Leveraging the student’s profile, CaneCareers identifies relevant opportunities and presents them for the student’s consideration. “Our office provides thorough guidance throughout the application process, including crafting a strong resume and cover letter, and preparing for interviews,” Trimble explained.

Interning abroad offers a multitude of benefits to students, such as global perspective, skill development, network expansion, resume enhancement, and personal growth. “It provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to different cultures, work environments and global business practices,” Trimble emphasized, “which employers highly value in today’s interconnected world.”

Interns also acquire transferable skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural communication and problem solving in diverse settings. They have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of unique networking prospects. Moreover, living and working in a foreign country fosters personal growth, independence and a broader worldview. Trimble expressed CaneCareers’ belief that internships abroad provide invaluable experiences that complement students’ education, preparing them for success in the global job market.

Encouraging international internships

Siviria’s internship was a transformative journey that offered impactful lessons for both her professional and personal growth. “The insights I gained have provided me with a fresh perspective that will undoubtedly benefit my academic pursuits and professional future.”

If the opportunity arises, Siviria enthusiastically encourages her fellow TU students to seize the opportunity to intern abroad if it arises. “The lessons and experiences I’ve had are beyond compare,” she expressed. “The culture exchange and the connections I’ve made are truly unforgettable. It will expose you to aspects of your desired career from a unique perspective.”

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