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MacKays generously power up TU’s energy storage research

With steadfast support spanning over two decades, Helen and Andy MacKay have been more than just benefactors to The University of Tulsa and TU’s College of Engineering & Computer Science – they are a driving force in innovation. Their latest gift is set to supercharge the university’s ambitions in a crucial field for a sustainable future: energy storage technology.

“Through the generous contributions of Helen and Andy MacKay, our college stands at the forefront of energy storage research,” said Andreas A. Polycarpou, dean of TU’s College of Engineering & Computer Science. “Their support is not just a gift but an investment in the future, enabling us to explore new horizons in energy solutions and educate the next generation of engineers and scientists who will continue to innovate for a greener, more efficient world.”

TU’s Multi-Functional Energy Storage Lab is electrified thanks to the vision of Andy MacKay and a state-of-the-art MACCOR Battery Cycling System. This system, coupled with temperature-controlled environmental chambers, forms a new nexus for exploring energy solutions under a spectrum of environmental influences.

“Investing in The University of Tulsa’s energy research is more than a cause; it’s a commitment to our future. We’re proud to support a program where innovation isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a daily pursuit,” said MacKay. “We are happy to contribute in this small way to the University’s already strong work toward sustainable energy solutions.”


A Future Charged with Potential

The new lab is more than a collection of high-tech tools; it’s a hive of future-forward thinking with a mission to fabricate and advance a diverse range of energy storage solutions tailored to meet various applications. From batteries that can endure the harsh void of space to those that can power sea exploration, TU’s researchers are not just at the edge of innovation – they’re pushing it forward.

Outfitted with the latest advanced technologies, the lab melds expertise with state-of-the-art technology. With five undergraduate and three graduate students working in the lab, the promise of new discoveries looms as part of large as the MacKays’ enduring legacy.

Home to innovation and learning, the Multi-Functional Energy Storage Lab is important to the university’s vision: to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the tools to build a more sustainable world. With the support of the MacKays and the campus community, TU is engineering batteries – and a brighter future.