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New insights on administrative law from UTulsa’s Savitz

Photograph of Gwendolyn SavitzUniversity of Tulsa College of Law Associate Professor Gwendolyn Savitz, J.D., LL.M., has published an article in the Cleveland State Law Review titled “Reassessing Administrative Finality: The Importance of New Evidence and Changed Circumstances.” The article explores the vital role of new evidence and changed circumstances in challenging administrative finality.

Savitz’s research delves into the delicate balance between the need for finality in administrative decisions and the necessity for flexibility to accommodate new information. Her analysis includes case studies from disability and immigration law, highlighting instances where the strict application of administrative finality has hindered justice. The article advocates for a more balanced approach, allowing for exceptions that lead to fairer outcomes.

This publication is essential reading for legal scholars, practitioners, and policymakers focused on improving administrative processes. To access the full article, visit Cleveland State Law Review.