November 2023 Business Student Spotlight: Jonathan Nataprawira   - The University of Tulsa
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November 2023 Business Student Spotlight: Jonathan Nataprawira  

Jonathan Nataprawira

The University of Tulsa’s Friends of Finance spotlighted student Jonathan Nataprawira in November for his excellence and achievement.

Nataprawira was born in Indonesia and grew up in Jakarta, where he learned the power of knowledge and the ability of learning to positively impact one’s life and the lives of others. He started his educational journey in 2008 at the Swiss German University in Indonesia, pursuing a degree in industrial engineering, but it was an internship with Daimler, now the Mercedes-Benz Group, in Germany that ignited his interest in business.

Along with immersing himself in the cultural diversity of Germany, Nataprawira grew professionally by exploring the intersection of engineering and business, developing a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed.

Committed to lifelong learning and personal development, Nataprawira’s path then led him to TU’s Collins College of Business for his MBA. During his time at TU, he has strived to acquire a holistic understanding of the business world, with one of his main interests being in project management, where he feels he can best utilize his unique background by taking into consideration both technical and business aspects on projects.

Nataprawira graduated in December, and we wish him great success!