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Professional Development Office preps TU Law students for important career fairs

The University of Tulsa College of Law not only provides a high-quality curriculum with top-notch faculty and outstanding experiential opportunities. TU Law’s Professional Development Office (PDO) guides students’ academic journey into the right path for a fulfilling career.

One of the easiest ways to explore job options, especially for those interested in opportunities outside of Oklahoma, is to attend a career fair. These events allow law students to gain access to internship and law clerk positions with firms and organizations all over the country.

When TU Law student Isabella Rodriguez wanted to prepare for a job fair, she turned to the PDO team, which helps students and alumni leverage career development services, like preparing for interviews and perfecting a resumé. With the help of PDO, Rodriguez said she was ready for the career fair.

“I attended the job fair and interviewed with (several) firms. The office did a great job preparing me for the job fair,” Rodriguez said. “She answered my questions and followed up with me to debrief on how it had gone. I am so appreciative of the PDO for presenting this opportunity and sharing my story with others, hoping they also take advantage of such events!”

Rodriguez landed a summer internship with a law firm in Dallas and one in Tulsa. She is excited about both opportunities.

“I look forward to experiencing the mentorship component and learning as much as possible from well-versed and experienced attorneys. In addition, I hope to fine-tune my legal writing and learn more about what the litigation side of this field has to offer,” she said.

“The PDO has supported several students like Isabella over the years to obtain both summer and post graduate positions through job fairs. I hope that by sharing Isabella’s success story, more students will be encouraged to pursue these opportunities,” said Megan Henson, associate dean and director of admission. “It’s very cyclical in that these successful placement strategies also help TU Law attract the best students.”

Thanks in no small part to the Professional Development Office, the future is bright for TU Law students and alumni.