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Response to Letter from the Interim President (employee email)

Dear TU community,

These are pivotal times in TU’s history, and we have been so fortunate to have had the stabilizing influence of a leader with the skillset, attitude, judgment and humble resolute confidence of Interim President Levit. When Janet gracefully stepped up to fill former President Clancy’s role 12 months ago, little did she realize the many challenges that would lie ahead. In every case, she exceeded our expectations, meeting every challenge head-on.

If it were not for Janet’s unrelenting commitment, dynamic creativity, strategic vision and dedication to this university, we know TU would not be in the strong position we are in now. In merely one year, she has:

  • Navigated the community through the turmoil of a global pandemic, working to ensure that our students, faculty and staff are supported and safe;
  • Realized significant cost savings and streamlined internal processes to better support the organization through successful and rapid implementation of many of Huron’s recommendations;
  • Made tremendous and rapid progress in getting on a path to financial sustainability, despite the headwinds caused by the pandemic, establishing a firmer foundation upon which to stand and prosper; and
  • Played a critical role in ensuring that the strategic plan is rigorous, achievable and rooted in who we are as an institution.

That is an enviable track record for any president. Accomplishing so much in such a short time frame is remarkable. This followed on the heels of three years of senior leadership roles as provost and vice president of strategic initiatives, where she led the previous strategic planning effort and successfully navigated our Higher Learning Commission challenges.

We are confident, had Janet chosen to be included in the on-going presidential search, she would have been a top candidate for the permanent role. This is truly TU’s loss, although we remain excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with whomever is finally selected to be the next president of TU. With Janet’s decision to not return to her previous role as provost, it seems most appropriate that the next president will, as his/her first order of business, select a new permanent provost.

On behalf of the entire board, we want to say thank you to Janet for her relentless energy, strategic acumen, thick skin when needed and singular focus on what is best for The University of Tulsa. She has been a great leader and ambassador for TU and her list of achievements is one that would make any board truly proud.

Dana S. Weber
Chair, Board of Trustees

Marcia MacLeod
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

(Read Interim President Levit’s message here.)