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Revealed: The Legacy of “Greenwood Imagine”

Ebony Iman Dallas

In commemorating Black History Month, The University of Tulsa’s College of Law explores the profound relationship between African Americans and the arts. Art empowers, allowing for deep reflection and processing of significant milestones that shaped our history. TU Law recently welcomed “Greenwood Imagine,” a captivating work on loan from Tulsa artist Ebony Iman Dallas. The piece “is a poignant tribute to the legacy of Greenwood and the resilience of African Americans through the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and beyond,” Dallas said.

Towering in its impact and intricate in its details, Dallas’ work offers a narrative beyond its foundation. “Greenwood Imagine” acts as a symbolic bridge connecting the past and present, urging observers to confront a harrowing history while celebrating the enduring spirit of hope. Despite the challenges of the past, the community remains vibrant and resilient, serving as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Dallas intertwines her personal heritage with the collective quest for reconciliation and societal healing. “It is more than a carving; it is a mirror reflecting the ongoing journey of African Americans and the emotion woven into a complex history,” Dallas said.

The work inspires us to envision an altered reality, not as it might have been, but as it has the potential to become. The piece requires us to confront the darkest chapters of our shared story and holds us accountable for learning, growing, and healing.

Art has long been a medium for social commentary, challenging perspectives and calling for change. The inherent power becomes even more potent when juxtaposed with the law, a preserver of order and champion of justice. “As institutions, we recognize the significant impact art has on the discourse of social justice and healing,” said TU Law Dean Oren R. Griffin. “Simultaneously, we acknowledge the vital role of law in upholding and implementing justice.”

Rather than merely celebrating Black History Month, TU Law is exploring our interconnected stories. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are engaging with art, history, and the law as active participants to uphold the promise of an inclusive and just society.