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Rushing a Fraternity

Another great experience I had at TU was rushing a fraternity.

At first I was very hesitant about joining a fraternity, but I quickly realized the bad stereotypes were not true. I met so many great guys and I felt very included in the TU community. These guys that I met were so nice to me and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at The University of Tulsa.

Greek recruitmentI am so glad I made the decision to join a fraternity. After just a few days, I had already made such personal connections with so many guys and I just felt like I was at home very quickly.

Making that decision changed my life, and I would not change a thing about that decision. The entire process was great and it made my first few weeks at TU significantly better and I felt a lot better about being in a new state and in a new city.

My friends in my fraternity make my experience at college way better, and I feel more prepared for 4 years of college at The University of Tulsa.

by Abrahim M