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Rushing into TU

greek lifeOne of my best experiences, while I have been at The University of Tulsa, has been rush. I was very involved in Boy Scouts, band, and student council while I was in high school. These organizations provided me with a group of friends and a support system. So whenever I got to campus, I was looking for something to fill the same role in the new chapter of my life. Specifically, the first open house of my freshman year was a highlight.

I remember spending the entire 2 hours at one house since I liked the people so much. I ended up joining said house, and I have looked back on this as one of my best decisions in college. The actual formal rush period is also extremely fun as well, both from the perspective of a potential new member and as a member of the house. It is such an exciting and high-energy weekend that it is usually one of the highlights of my school year. I was a pretty quiet and reserved person in high school, but after I joined a fraternity my brothers have helped me get out of my shell over the last three years.

Since the University of Tulsa has a small student population compared to other state schools, becoming a part of a fraternity has helped me find a strong social group and group of peers. Joining a fraternity has provided me with a support group and a very close group of friends that have supported me throughout my time in college.

by Landon A