Student Story: Jennifer Fierro - The University of Tulsa
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Student Story: Jennifer Fierro

Photograph of Jennifer FierroJennifer Fierro knew The University of Tulsa was her future alma mater after visiting campus and observing the close-knit community it fostered. “This is more than a campus; it’s a family,” Jennifer reflects. Now in her senior year, Jennifer is excited to serve as the 2023-24 student body president.

Reminiscing on her journey, Jennifer shares, “My mom is the reason I’m doing everything that I am now, as she’s pushed me to leave no stone unturned.” Breaking down barriers, Jennifer became the first in her family to embrace the world of higher education. While there were initial challenges to this exploration, she discovered her home and purpose within the first-gen student community. Today, she acts as a mentor to new students embarking on a similar journey.

In addition to her involvement in many clubs and organizations, Jennifer has found her passion within the realm of medicine. With dreams of working in the operating room as a physician, she’s grateful for the scholarships that led her here. “This privilege wasn’t just about financial aid; it was the key that opened doors to my future.”