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The Advantage of a TU Education

My name is Lauren Agpoon, and I am an MBA student and a graduate assistant in the Dean’s Office for the Collins College of Business. In May 2022, I graduated from The University of Tulsa with degrees in finance and economics and a Spanish minor. I only had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into when I began my business education. Most of my family works in the healthcare field, but I knew that I was not well-suited for that industry any time that I watched medical scenes in movies and instantly became squeamish. I realized that I had an affinity for applied math when I took my first economics course. I was hooked by the material. I enjoyed learning how macroeconomic events could impact markets around the world, and I applied this knowledge with hands-on learning in classes like the Student Investment Fund.

In my undergraduate education, I took multiple courses that helped me dive into my interests. I enjoyed learning about financial derivatives in Futures and Options, applying financial theory in the Student Investment Fund, and analyzing the impact of regulatory policies in Resources and Environment Economics. When I had questions about assignments, I was instructed to do the steps for the quantitative problems myself. The professors walked me through the process afterwards, so that I could replicate everything on my own in the future.

Professors at TU want to see students succeed, and I appreciate that they challenge us. They want us to have the ability to perform on our own with a thorough understanding of the material. This is the norm at TU. Professors invest in their students, and we receive an incredible education.

This is my first semester in the MBA program. I have enjoyed meeting people in my classes with various backgrounds including student athletes, international students, engineers, and law students. Our group projects allow for extensive collaboration and brainstorming. I have realized that I am learning from my professors as well as my classmates! Their diverse perspectives enrich my education, and I have made close friends within the program. I am also exposed to different subject matter including marketing strategies, ways to motivate employees, and I am learning how to be a more effective teammate and manager.

Lastly, another aspect that differentiates TU from other universities is the multitude of opportunities to make connections with business professionals. Organizations like Women in Business, the TU Real Estate Club, and the Student Finance Association facilitate connections with leaders in the Tulsa community. Additionally, events like Friends of Finance provide an avenue for students to network with employees from various companies while sharing conversation over a meal. These organizations give TU students an edge in multiple aspects; we learn more about different careers, gain leadership experience, and cultivate connections.

I have attended the Collins College of Business for a little over four years, and the college continues to generate opportunities for students each year. I am excited for the new additions to the college such as the Jolt Center which is a creative space designed for thought-provoking innovation and collaboration between students. I often think about how appreciative I am that I get to receive a great education and develop meaningful relationships while attending a university that continually provides new and exciting experiences for its students.