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The Magic of Sisterhood

Delta GammaI could write forever about my amazing experiences with Greek life and how it has completely made my college life so much better. I think in every aspect of my life when I came to TU as a freshman I was a mess. Having a group of sisters to be there for me in every way helped me to stay on track and focus on what my goals were, my education.

It can be easy to get distracted in college but Delta Gamma helped me to have fun while also maintaining my responsibilities. I am very grateful for all of my sisters and all of our amazing memories of having the times of our lives on TU’s campus.

Whether it’s through career guidance, internship opportunities, or even professional development, DeeGee ensures that it’s sisters are prepared for whatever life has in store for them; this is a vital part of Article 2 of Delta Gamma, “to promote educational and cultural interest.”

My sisters have been a significant help in my educational path so far and have ensured my success. No sister is left behind; no one falls through the cracks. That’s what fosters such high ideals of friendship and scholarship, even when times are tough and we want to give up on school, we are here for each other. We work together to achieve the best possible, and that is what is important. I love my “Do Good” sisters and I believe I would not be on the path to success that I am on today if it weren’t for Delta Gamma.

by Madi P