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Top 5 Benefits of Living on Campus

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It’s time to get excited about living on campus! TU understands the positive impact of living on campus and requires first-year students to live in a residence hall. If you’re hesitant to live on campus, stay tuned while we share five benefits of campus living.


1. Quickly Access On-Campus Resources

In a previous blog post, Top 5 Campus Resources, we discussed the wide range of resources available to TU students. For those living on campus, you’ll have easy access to these resources. Whether you require counseling, tutoring, or academic and student services, you’ll have these amenities readily available. You’ll be close to faculty, study groups, and your classes. Plus, if you have any questions, your resident advisor will be there to help!


2. Stay Connected with Other Students

Living on campus will give you a greater sense of community. You’ll be able to develop friendships that may never have happened if you lived off campus. When students live on campus, they study, walk to class, eat, and attend TU events together. Campus living is a great way to make friendships that last a lifetime!


3. Explore The Area Around TU

Living at TU means you have a range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options within reach. You’ll never have to go far for a shopping spree, workout class, or cup of coffee. Within a five-mile radius of TU are downtown Tulsa, Brookside, and Cherry Street, which offer great dining, entertainment, and shopping options.


4. Know That Your Safety is Prioritized

When living on campus, you’ll always have someone working to protect you and your community. Campus Security officers conduct foot, bicycle, and vehicular patrols of the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about TU Campus Security.


5. Easily Participate in On-Campus Activities

There’s always something going on at TU. Take a quick walk to the Reynolds Center for a TU basketball game, head to Collins Fitness Center for a Zumba class, or stroll over to Holmes Student Center for one of many events held by CaneCareers. See all of the on-campus events happening in the TU Event Calendar.


I hope this post made you excited about living on campus! Living at The University of Tulsa gives you many opportunities to meet new people, participate in on-campus activities, and learn more about your school. Visit our housing page to learn more about the options available for campus housing.