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TU launches School of Music Advocates

The Kendall College of Arts and Sciences is pleased and excited to announce the formation of The University of Tulsa School of Music Advocates (SOMA).

TU SOMA is a volunteer organization of music lovers from the Tulsa area and beyond who enthusiastically support the growth and excellence of the School of Music. The recently approved reinstatement of TU’s bachelor of music degree motivated Professors Ron Predl and Vernon Howard as well as Ken Busby, long-time instructor in the School of Art, Design and Art History, to create the organization.

SOMA will:

  • Increase awareness in the community and region of the rich and varied century-long musical tradition of the School of Music and its continuing contributions to the greater Tulsa musical landscape;
  • Create and sustain scholarships for current and future TU music degree majors who are academically and musically talented; and,
  • Fund private studio lessons for non-majors who participate in School of Music ensembles.

If you love music and the great tradition of the TU School of Music, please consider helping us support and encourage outstanding music students and programs at TU.

Additional info about joining and supporting SOMA is available at utulsa.edu/music