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TU reinstates B.A. degree in philosophy and religion

The University of Tulsa announced today the reinstatement of a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and religion. Current and prospective students can enter this academic program beginning in fall 2023.

“Philosophy is the foundational program of any university. I am proud to reinstate the program at TU, where we will rebuild philosophy into a distinctive area of excellence,” said Brad Carson, president of The University of Tulsa.

“I have heard people say that philosophical training is needed now more than ever. Perhaps, but I think that philosophical training is needed at all times and in every place,” continued Carson. “I’m eager to see it thrive at TU, and I’m eager for TU to be the kind of university where the eternal values of intellectual life are nourished.”

In addition to philosophy and religion, The University of Tulsa will reinstate a Bachelor of Music in music, Ph.D. in chemistry, Ph.D. in physics, and Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law (MJIL), beginning in fall 2023.


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