Inaugural podcast TUniverse: Conversations from The University of Tulsa
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Explore the TUniverse: Conversations from The University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa launched its inaugural podcast, TUniverse: Conversations from the University of Tulsa, to every major podcasting host platform on Aug. 30, 2019.

The free podcast covers a revolving array of topics while highlighting the cutting-edge research coming from The University of Tulsa and engaging in discussions with faculty members along with visitors to the campus.

TUniverse will be broken down into subsections, with a different host piloting each one and offering listeners a look through the lenses of unique perspectives and academic-acclaim each host brings to his or her topic.

The first episode released is part of the section, TUniverse: The Human Connection, which is hosted by Sean Latham, the Director of the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. In each episode of The Human Connection, one of the 2019 fellows from the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities works with Latham to help redefine the meaning of “play” and discuss and why it makes us all human.

“Although our podcasts typically feature leading artists and academic experts, they are are lively, engaging and accessible,” Latham said of The Human Connection. “Too often, people see work in the humanities as somehow cut off from the real world, difficult to understand, and of interest only to a handful of people.  We want to paint a different picture, and that’s why each episode of the show will provide not only real insight into the human condition, but also offer listeners new ways to see and understand the richness of our city, our community, and our world.”

It’s no secret that The University of Tulsa has brilliant voices within but also constantly brings in scholars and speakers from the outside to share. TUniverse will showcase all of these assets.

“While other universities have podcasts, none are quite like this,” TU President Gerard P. Clancy said. “We have decided to branch out beyond simply sharing news and notes, instead opting for faculty-driven discussions that highlight the incredible talent on our campus, illuminate big ideas to and invite engagement with listeners from around the world.”

Latham agreed, adding, “The podcast gives listeners a chance to hear more about the work going on at the university in an accessible way — to listen in on rich, sometimes contentious debates that are informed by the deep expertise available on our campus and in our community.”

Listeners are invited to join in on the mission and blast-off to explore the worlds of neuroscience, the history of the Americas, the humanities and much more. Be sure to tune into the TUniverse and find out what’s happening on our side of the galaxy. Find the show on the Apple Podcast App, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, and every other major podcasting outlet and subscribe for free.

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