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TU’s Greek Life Compares to None

bid nightOver the course of my first two years at TU, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many aspects of campus, some surprising and some not so surprising. Growing up in an SEC school town, I had this idea that Greek life is party hard all day every day, but at TU that isn’t the case.

At first, I was not interested in going through formal recruitment simply because I had the SEC fraternity stigma in my head, and it was something I wasn’t really interested in. However, my mindset changed when my admissions counselor told me that I should at least go to the first day and the worst thing that would happen is that I wasted a day meeting people and getting free food. She also told me that there would be two open houses during orientation week, and I should go to at least one of them.

I ended up going to both open houses and on the first night, I ended up spending a majority of my time at the house I ended up rushing that Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, I slowly realized that fraternities are not all what they are made out to be by the media or the stereotypes in movies, but they really are a brotherhood that is there for you when you are at your highest of highs and lowest of lows.

Greek life also makes up at least 50% of the campus’s student organization leadership as well which shows how easy it is to get involved on campus from being in clubs and honor societies to being a member of the Student Association leadership team. I strongly encourage every freshman to at least attend one open house and the first day of recruitment because it has the ability to open so many doors on campus and allow you to forge friendships that you will have for life.

by Campbell R