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What Healthy Greek Life Looks Like

Another incredible experience I have had at TU has been my involvement in Greek life. I am a KA here and I cannot say enough great things about our community. It has been a vital part of my growth and success here on campus and in every aspect of my life. Greek life here is a lot different than the kind most see from the bigger state schools in a lot of ways.

greek pledgesThe people I have met and the support I receive from KA and Greek life in general has been amazing. Coming into college, I was not sure whether or not Greek life was something I was going to be a part of. There are countless stories and stereotypes that deter many students from Greek life and I was initially one of them.

All I knew was the state school ideal of what Greek life is and how they were seen on campus. However, a friend convinced me to at least rush and try it out. That decision has probably been my best so far since my Freshman year.

I believe that Greek life here at TU is much different than what you see at bigger schools. It usually doesn’t follow the stereotypes and is truly a great part of our student life. The incredible life experiences, support, and lessons one can gain from being an active member in Greek life are so valuable. There are no other organizations like it, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

by Jack H