Note from IT: Learn more about Microsoft Teams on Friday at 10 a.m. (faculty and staff email) — March 26, 2020

Good afternoon, TU.

We’ve been receiving quite a few requests this week on how to best use Microsoft Teams. Starting Friday at 10 a.m., IT team member Mandi Parker will be hosting a weekly Teams session within the “Teamwork at TU” team. Each session will include tips, tricks and plenty of Q&A. Bring any issues, concerns, questions and trouble spots. The virtual floor will be yours!

Join the event as often as you would like at 10 a.m. every Friday. To find the weekly Teams session, go to and join the conversation. New to Teams? Visit to learn how to connect and add the event to your calendar.

Stuck this very second? Email She is ready to help with SharePoint/Office 365/Teams/Stream/Skype for Business.

I hope everyone is getting settled into working remotely. I have to admit, I miss seeing live faces every day (besides my children), so I’m planning to start sharing mine bright and early each morning via the new Teamwork at TU Teams channel. Catch it as you can. I’ll try to share something new daily based on the feedback and questions I’m receiving. I might even share successes, accomplishments and thanks!

As always TU, our team is honored to serve you. Feel free to use the Teamwork at TU Teams channel to crowdsource immediate help or start a deeper discussion. Tag me in Teams if I can be of assistance or email me any time. Have a wonderful, healthy, curve-flattening Friday.


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Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO