November CIO Updates - The University of Tulsa

November CIO Updates

This month, we focus on thankfulness. We are thankful for the campus we serve but, most importantly, the people across it. We are thankful for the confidence in this IT team to improve the technology presence here, to empower our users to support teaching and learning without worries of connectivity or accessibility and to ensure that we have the foundation to facilitate student success. We are thankful to get feedback after presentations, delivery of service, technology events. We are thankful. And we’re happy to be here. Know that this month of November, this team appreciates you.

Some favorite Thanksgiving season phrases:

Leftovers are for Quitters

From this point forward, the projects we embark on will not leave straggling, unfinished parts. Rather they will be fully communicated up front, thoroughly implemented at the mid-way and the campus users will be trained on how to use the ‘new and improved’ before we announce successful completion. Completion will include continuous improvement and training plans moving forward to make sure we leave no unfinished business on the table.

In early December we plan to get all power-users of Colleague together to share open dialogue with Colleague creators, Ellucian. What do we need? Why do we need it? Why does Colleague feel like such a clunky impediment to every report or data feed that we need to make better decisions? We are starting at Colleague baseline and requesting that Ellucian re-market their product to us. We have options, they respect this so, rather than embark on a disruptive ERP change right now, let’s see if we can fix the back-office system we have in place and make it work for us. We will do this deliberately for most of our systems, in prioritized fashion. No unfinished business. Use as much as we can of products we own, smartly.

Feast Mode

Our doors are unlocked and timely response is a basic expectation within IT. If you have needs, wants or concerns, lay them on us. As we finalize first steps of a multi-year tech improvement plan, we welcome your input. We have restructured our team to best service the TU campus today and we’ll likely continuously morph our structure as future needs change. All of this relies on open, authentic feedback from you. Include us, invite us, involve us, lean on us. We are your support system. It feels like we’ve been dieting for a year to get to where we are today. Let’s do this!

I’m Just Here for the Pie

Ah the fun stuff. We promise as the next few years involve significant baseline technology upgrades – read: virtually invisible to the campus aside from random ups and downs that we’ll thoroughly communicate – we are dedicated to sprinkle the seemingly boring infrastructure builds with systems and services that you will be excited to see and experience.


  • Ability to use your mobile devices for more on campus (Students, wireless printing is coming!)
  • Less manual tracking of non-undergrad admissions data
  • Easier access and support for faculty and research websites
  • More robust options in the student app and Colleague self-service
  • Training on all that we offer!

The dessert, the pie, the fun stuff. If you see or hear about cool offerings on other campuses or have students needing app development projects to work on, contact me. I’ll make sure it gets where it needs to be. This IT department will not work in a vacuum. It takes all of us to come up with the best ideas.

In Closing

Thank you University of Tulsa. My email is If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving season TU,
Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer