October CIO Updates - The University of Tulsa

October CIO Updates

It’s fall, y’all! Cooler temps (finally) and turning leaves, what a beautiful time to collaborate across The University of Tulsa campus.

In the September update to TU, we requested and received feedback on our departmental mission statement – thank you! Mission and vision statements oftentimes feel silly however they are truly the first step in defining our next many steps to excellent service. Service, for which, we want to be held accountable.

‘Tis the Season

…for putting ourselves out there! The IT Department is excited to announce the re-introduction of routine technology knowledge-sharing sessions! Bring your own lunch and learn about cybersecurity initiatives, current campus technologies and IT strategies ranging from high-level to high-tech (you’ll understand it all, we guarantee). The official series starts in November, so look for upcoming announcements with dates, locations and topics. If you have topic suggestions, please email them to paige-francis@utulsa.edu.


We are honored to support the University of Tulsa. In order to make sure our ideas match campus need, we will be using this fall/winter season to finalize a new 2019/20 TU IT Strategic Plan. We plan to refine the draft collaboratively with the Academic Computing Committee of the Faculty Senate. Once finalized, the TU IT Strategic Plan will serve as a solid base for future planning.

We Put the TU IT in OpporTUnITy

So much opportunity, so little time. Improving WiFi, watching eSports develop, supporting online courses and programs, making cybersecurity (dare I say) fun, presenting to Arts & Sciences department chairs, discussing a future involving a data and digital repository, laughing and commiserating with Dr. Mandy Moore in Student Success – there is more opportunity and energy on this campus than I ever imagined. We are ALL dedicated to improvement. We are ALL dedicated to exceeding expectations. We are ALL IN on TU.

Recent Feedback

IT is on a roll for my college. Great customer service focused employees!!!

(Smiles!)  Please know we are proud of positive feedback, however we recognize this is long game territory – and we are in it to win it.

My Favorite Thing for October

It’s an annual thing. I am off to Educause in Chicago, IL next week. I look forward to seeing my CIO people each and every October. It revitalizes me. If you have any needs or wants, please let me know as soon as possible as every technology, solution and system under the sun will be well represented on the vendor floor. I will be presenting on Thursday so if you find yourself in the area, come on by! Be warned – I will come home with all kinds of unattainable ideas 🙂

Have a wonderful month,
Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer